Working in Partnership with Employers

WBTC has been working closely with local employers to help their business flourish and grow since 1983. We’re not for profit and this enables us to take an imaginative approach to supporting our customers to succeed. There are a number of ways that employers can benefit from working in partnership with WBTC.

Apprenticeships for your organisation
It’s a popular choice for employers to bring young people into the organisation and train them up. Not only can the new person be moulded to suit your culture but they often have a strong learning behaviour enabling them to pick up new skills quickly. WBTC will help you by:

  • Carefully matching Apprentices to your organisation
  • Accessing any grants for you to cover the initial costs of employing an Apprentice. (Eligibility criteria apply)
  • Organise all of the training & assessment for you
  • Sort out all the government funding for you
  • Provide someone in your organisation with a mentoring course so that they can get the best out of the new Apprentice​
  • Take care of any paperwork for you

Traineeships for your organisation
Not yet ready for an Apprentice? Why not get involved and benefit from a Traineeship. Traineeships are substantial periods of structured experience with a supportive employer designed to give the Trainee the skills they need to secure an Apprenticeship. A Traineeship is not an employed position like an Apprenticeship but rather a valuable opportunity for a young person (16-24) to get experience. Trainees often have good qualifications and attitude they just need the time with an employer to bring out their potential. The benefits of a Traineeship with WBTC are:

  • It's a great way to engage new young people into your organisation
  • There is less cost associated and less risk
  • You can choose the days and hours to meet your business needs
  • WBTC will help train someone in your organisation to be a mentor to the Trainee
  • It's easy for you to convert the Trainee to an Apprentice at any time

Meeting your organisational and training needs
WBTC provides a service where you can discuss with a member of our team the aims and objectives of your business, the existing capabilities of the workforce and any training needs you have. This might involve Apprenticeships, Traineeships or other forms of professional development for others in your workforce. Working with you WBTC will then work with you to provide options that are high quality and cost effective to add value to your business.

For more information on any of the above services contact Rachel@wbtc-uk.com