Employer Apprenticeship FAQs

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Our Apprenticeship FAQs listed below are questions that employers often ask us.

If you need more help, call us on 01635 35 975 or visit the gov.uk apprenticeship pages here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Apprenticeships can take between one and five years to complete. The actual length depends on the programme, level and any prior experience.

No, you can become an apprentice at any age.

 Of course, the guide is a minimum payment and the salary can be set by the employer.

Not at all, you can have as many apprentices as you need as long as you can support them through the training.

Yes, as they are over 16 and in employment.

Yes, apprentices are entitled to statutory maternity leave.

All apprentices must have a minimum of 20 days holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

You can decide to continue employing them in a full-time role, or they might decide to do the next level of the apprenticeship with you or a new employer.

Find out more about levy payments, funding and incentives here.

Yes! Higher-level management qualifications are a great way to invest in staff that show potential. There are lots of options to support staff already in a role, get in touch with us talk through the details.

20% of your apprentices paid time must be dedicated to ‘off-the-job’ training such as assessments, course work and exams.

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