Enhanced Traineeship FAQs

1. Who is the Enhanced Traineeship for? The programme is aimed at school leavers who would ordinarily be applying for an apprenticeship or full-time college course, where an apprenticeship is preferred and there is not a current suitable vacancy.

2. What will happen if I’m not suitable for an Enhanced Traineeship? We will refer you to a standard traineeship or the Great Start programme to ensure you get the right support

3. How do I apply for the programme? Contact WBTC by emailing Rachel Eaves on rachel@wbtc-uk.com or calling 01635 35 975

4. What training and learning will I be doing?  You will undertake training that is relevant for the role you’ve applied for (digital skills, practical skills, employability, business skills.) If you don’t have your English and maths but an employer is keen to recruit you we can help you get your functional skills.

5. When will I be able to start the programme? We are aiming that learners will be interviewed throughout July with a view to starting in August or as soon as we are allowed back into business settings. The apprenticeship will be scheduled to start from November (unless the employer is confident that they can support an apprentice before then.)

6. Why is an enhanced traineeship preferable to a full-time course at college?

  • You will gain industry experience and skills on the enhanced traineeship
  • You’ll have an apprenticeship offer ready to start in November 2020
  • It allows you to carry on the apprenticeship route and gives you a stable training programme in the meantime.

7. Is there a cost? Not to the learner. Some employers choose to pay expenses such as travel and lunch.

8. How is this different from a normal Traineeship? With the Enhanced Traineeship, you are actually applying for an apprenticeship and will receive an offer to start an apprenticeship in November. To bridge the gap between now and then, you will be studying and working as a trainee. A ‘normal’ traineeship is a short work placement with some training that may not result in an apprenticeship at the same firm (find out more here.)

9. What subjects can I do an Enhanced Traineeship (Apprenticeship) in? 

  • Office – accounts and finance, business administration, customer service
  • Management – team leading/supervisor, operations and departmental management
  • Construction – carpentry, electrical installation, gas fitting, plumbing
  • Engineering – manufacturing, electrical, maintenance
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Housing
  • Logistics – warehousing and storage
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