Work Experience with WBTC


Not only can relevant work experience be a very valuable stepping stone to your chosen career, but it can also benefit local charities and not-for-profit organisations. WBTC’s Dan Williams completed work experience at The Community Furniture Project, who will collect your unwanted furniture, electrical and white goods, re-furbish them, and sell them on, offering significant discounts to those on benefits.

Their premises on New Greenham Park is a treasure trove of previously-loved three piece suites, bookcases, bicycles, fridges, cookers, display cabinets, beds and everything else you might need to furnish your home at bargain prices.

“This vacuum cleaner has been bought in today and it is not working,” Dan tells us, “so I am taking it apart to see if I can find out why. I will give the filter a clean and test the motor, and get it working again so it can go to a new home. I will hopefully be moving onto fridges and cookers. I want to be an electrician, so this is really great experience.

“My time at WBTC has been very useful, as well as organising work experience I have been able to get Maths and English qualifications, which is now all on my CV.”

If you are interested in offering work experience to one of the learners at West Berkshire Training Consortium, please do give us a call on 01635 35975.