Engineering Success Stories



Congratulations to Luke Barrington and Joanne Davies who have both recently completed their Intermediate Apprenticeships in Mechanical Engineering with SPX Flow Technology. Luke and Joanne are pictured receiving their certificates from Harry Walker of WBTC and Linda Higgs of SPX Flow Technology.

Joanne said ‘I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship. Engineering is a diverse career with many opportunities and SPX Flow Technology is a great employer. As one of many Apprentices at SPX Flow Technology I have seen the different departments and opportunities that await me. At the moment I work in the quality department and I love it. There is so much to learn and I am fortunate that SPX have given me the opportunity to make this my career. It is also great news that I have completed successfully my Intermediate Apprenticeship. This has given me the base knowledge to use as a stepping stone for my Advanced Apprenticeship. Working in engineering and combining it with a day-release is the ideal way to learn the ropes. I’ve also had WBTC helping me along the way and this combination of my employer and training provider has made it easy to overcome obstacles. Hopefully I will go on to greater things in Quality and Project Management, it really is up to me. I will endeavour to become a success in Engineering and make my mark at SPX.’

Luke said ‘I have been an Apprentice at SPX Flow Technology for two years and I am delighted to have achieved the first part of my Apprenticeship. SPX Flow Technology are a well known company in the local area so I was really pleased to get this opportunity with them. The company has invested a lot of time and effort in my training and it’s paid off. I have developed and grown in my role over the last two years working on CNC machines and understanding the engineering processes. Being an Apprentice has been ideal for me because I am learning from other skilled engineers and also studying towards qualifications. I am going on to complete my Advanced Apprenticeship and I look forward to becoming a fully qualified CNC machinist. I still have much to learn and I want to thank SPX and WBTC for giving me the opportunity to succeed.'

Well done to Luke and Joanne!