West Berkshire Learner Achievement Awards 2021

The 18th annual West Berkshire Council Learner Achievement Awards ceremony was held on 12th November. The awards celebrate the success of adult learning in West Berkshire and cover a range of provisions, including apprenticeships, professional qualifications, and health and wellbeing courses. 

WBTC staff and learners were amongst those who won awards at the virtual event. Read more below to see who our winners were.

Teacher, Tutor and Trainer Award

Tony Garraway won the Teacher, Tutor and Trainer Award. Tony is one of our leading tutors specialising in business administration, customer service and warehousing training. Tony has excelled with the online learning programmes making them exciting, engaging and entertaining. The award recognises Tony’s commitment to learners and their learning during the very difficult time over the last couple of years. During this time Tony has become our resident expert in Google Meets, Jamboards and online quizzes. Tony has also supported other WBTC colleagues and created an online hub of resources for learners to continue their learning. Thank you for your commitment Tony and congratulations for winning this well deserved award.

Tony Garraway with his award.

Adult Apprenticeship Award

WBTC learner Rosemary Flower won the Adult Apprentice Award. Rosemary is an adult apprenitce working for West Berkshire Council Libraries. Following a challenging school career battling with dsylexia, and a number of short college courses that didn’t engage her, Rosemary decided to apply for an apprenticeship with the library service. The apprenticeship made the process of learning much more enjoyable and accessible for Rosemary, and she went on to complete both a level 2 apprenticeship in customer service, and a level 3 apprenticeship in business administration. Rosemary has also recently completed her team leading supervisor apprenticeship with a distinction in her end point assessment, and refuses to let her dsylexia get in the way of her ambition. Well done Rosemary, your achievements and determination are admirable.

Rosemary Flower with her award.

Return to Learning Award

WBTC learner Ian Dolton won the Return to Learning Award. At 41 Ian returned to learning doing a warehousing apprenticeship with WBTC. Learning difficulties had meant that Ian had had a challenging time at school, and when he started the course he lacked confidence in his abilities. Ian was determined to complete his apprenticeship, even when his training was interrupted by lockdown. He attended every session and is now in an excellent position to progress in his career. Well done Ian!

Ian Dolton with his award.


Click here to watch the full event online.

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