Mentors: Audio Guide

WBTC on-line course
Supporting trainees in the workplace
A guide for work placement employers, coaches and mentors

This learning package has been created to help and guide people who are responsible for supporting young people in the workplace. The term ‘trainee’ is used throughout the package to describe the young person you are working with, but the principles and practices described in the modules can be applied equally to short periods of work experience, extended internships or employed apprenticeships. It consists of:

  • booklet which accompanies the audio guide
  • resource pack containing exercises suggested in the audio guide and template resources for structuring a work placement
  • Six audio modules which provide a guide to coaching and mentoring trainees in the workplace and support employers to structure a work placement. (A transcript is provided for people who cannot access the audio modules).

Module 1Introduction and getting started (7.5 mins)

Module 2Shared expectations (11 mins)

Module 3Introduction to coaching and mentoring (11 mins)

Module 4Developing your coaching and mentoring skills (18 mins)

Module 5Effective monitoring and review (18 mins)

Module 6Moving on (12.5 mins)

The audio modules are provided in mp3 format and can be downloaded to your computer or to a portable device by right clicking on links above and saving the target to your chosen location.

The booklet is in pdf format. It is designed to be printed on A4 paper (print on both sides of paper, flip on short edge or use the booklet function from your printer) and folded into an A5 booklet.

To get started – print off the booklet and read the foreword then listen to module 1 which explains how the package works.

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