Marius Tataru (amatis networks) Customer Service

“My name is Marius, I come from Romania and I am 23 years old. Before I started my Apprenticeship I didn’t have a clear idea of what I could do in the future. I went to WBTC in order to start an Apprenticeship and a new chapter in my life. I didn’t know whether I was ready or not, but I know that the people I dealt with were really helpful and supportive.

They arranged an interview with amatis networks, the company I am working for at the moment, and I’m really happy about it. I was really nervous at first, due to the fact that I have never worked in an office environment before.

I started initially as a Sales Executive Apprentice, which meant that I had to adapt pretty quickly to this new world in order to bring value to the business. Every Wednesday I would go to the WBTC offices, where I took functional skills courses; I was improving my English and maths knowledge and that made me really happy. I got more confident around people just because I could actually communicate in a fluent way. The English course was the highlight of my time spent with WBTC; my teacher Carol was so supportive and she gave me the best help I could get in order to improve my English.

After a year, I graduated to the Customer Service Apprenticeship and amatis networks decided to keep me on. Now my day to day duties are to put together quotes for the sales team, to take care of the contract renewals with the existing customers and to keep the quote register updated. I am also involved in the marketing side, this involves researching and database management. I love my job more than I could ever think and I know that all this is thanks to WBTC and amatis networks.

A lot of people are sceptical when it comes to an Apprenticeship but I can confirm, purely from my own experience, that it could be one of the best things that could happen to you in terms of creating a bright future.

Thanks to my Apprenticeship, I now have a clear path to follow in order to develop myself as a person and also as a professional. I would definitely recommend Apprenticeships to my friends or to anyone looking to discover what’s best for them, an Apprenticeship could be really beneficial to you as it can help develop a career.

Thank you WBTC, thank you amatis networks!

Marius recieves his qualification from Mrs. Sarah Scrope, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire at the WBTC Rising Stars Awards

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