Operations Manager

Course duration 18 – 24 months

Qualification ILM Leadership & Management 

1-2-1 Training

Up to 100% funded

Provide your managers with the opportunity to achieve Chartered Manager Status and the confidence to effectively address challenges that inhibit productivity, growth, and successful change within your organisation. The Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship will equip your leaders with the necessary skills to excel in any industry.

By enrolling in the Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship, your company can develop the capacity to overcome obstacles that hinder productivity, growth, and successful change. In addition to acquiring essential skills, employees can also obtain Chartered Manager Status to enhance their professional qualifications.

This program is designed to strengthen and augment the capabilities of your key management personnel, enabling them to lead effectively in dynamic and evolving business environments. Through personalized coaching and technical training, employees will be challenged to enhance their core skills and make a meaningful impact from day one.

Operations Manager Career Path

Department Manager £40,000
Operations Manager £50,000
Director £70,000
Programme overview
Unit No. Section Title Learning Aim
1 Self-awareness Learners will analyse Emotional Intelligence theories and how to be self-aware in the workplace
2 Managing-Self Learners will explore different time management techniques and how they can be used in the workplace
3 Project Management Learners will analyse different project management tools and approaches to identifying and managing risk
4 Communication Learners will evaluate interpersonal and communication methods, analyse the benefits of active listening and consider the impact of the “feed-forward” method
5 Building Relationships Learners will explore managing stakeholder relationship, negotiating and influencing and working collaboratively
6 Team Dynamics Learners will determine how to manage multiple and remote teams and team leaders, analyse motivation techniques and how to address conflict
7 Leading People Learners will analyse different leadership theories including transformational, ethical and authentic leadership
8 Managing People and Change Management Learners will analyse different approaches to talent management, employee engagement, managing change and becoming an “employer of choice”
9 Operational Management Learners will identify different approaches to operational planning and business development tools, explore the Lean Management Methodology and approaches to TQM
10 Problem Solving and Decision Making Learners will analyse different problem solving techniques, identify key processes and procedures to ensure data security and management
11 Coaching and Mentoring Learners will evaluate different coaching methods, different ways of thinking and questioning techniques
12 Finance Learners will analyse how to manage a budget including budget variance, determine ways of financial forecasting