Become a Team Leader

With this apprenticeship

Course duration 15-18 months

Qualification ILM Level 3 in Leadershiip & Management   

1-2-1 Training

Up to 100% funded

By investing in training and development opportunities for your current or potential managers, you can drive the performance of employees in your organisation. The Management Apprenticeship programme is designed to cultivate strong leaders who are dedicated to enhancing their own skills as well as those of their colleagues.
The Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship is tailored to create confident leaders within your company, leading to increased success and productivity among employees. Participants will gain valuable experience in providing direction, instruction, and support in a management role, honing their Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours to effectively manage and develop their teams.
This programme focuses on building the capabilities of current or aspiring managers through professional coaching and training, equipping them with the essential skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The success of the program is not only measured by individual skill development, but also by the positive impact these leaders can have on the organisation.

Teaching Assistant Career Path

Team Leader £27,000
Department Manager £40,000
Operations Manager £50,000
Director £70,000+
Programme overview
Unit No. Section Title Learning Aim
1 Self-awareness Learners will explore the concept of self-awareness and why it’s important for a team leader to be self-aware. Identify different learning styles, how Emotional Intelligence can be used at work. Define equality, diversity and inclusion and how they can be achieved in the workplace
2 Managing-Self Learners will explore different time management techniques and how they can be used in the workplace
3 Project Management Learners will learn about different tools to plan and deliver projects
4 Communication Learners will explore different methods of communicating effectively, how to give constructive feedback, plan and chair a meeting and delegate tasks.
5 Building Relationships Learners will analyse how to build strong relationships with customers, negotiate and manage conflict and discover different ways of motivating team members
6 Team Dynamics Learners will analyse what makes an effective team, how a team develops, how to manage a remote team and build trust.
7 Leading People Learners will analyse the differences between leadership and management, how to effectively lead, support and develop people in the workplace using different methods.
8 Managing People Learners will determine key employment legislation to manage effectively and performance management techniques including how to manage challenging behaviours.
9 Operational and Change Management Learners will identify organisation culture, be able to plan and allocate tasks and apply change management theories
10 Problem Solving and Decision Making Learners will explore different problem solving and decision making techniques and how to apply them in different problem solving situations
11 Coaching and Mentoring Learners will identify the differences between coaching and mentoring, assess the key skills needed to be a successful coach and practise using a well-known coaching model
12 Finance Learners will explore the importance of financial governance and compliance, understand the concept of value for money and how to achieve it and how to prepare and monitor a budget
13 Preparing for your EPA Presentation Learners will learn how to prepare for their End Point Assessment presentation