Associate Project Manager

Course duration 18 months

Level 4 Associate Project Manager Standard

1-2-1 Training

Up to 100% funded

Effective project delivery is essential for the growth and efficiency of any organisation. The Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship provides comprehensive project management training for both new and experienced employees, enabling them to effectively manage projects within the organization.
By completing the Associate Project Management Apprenticeship, employees will be equipped to successfully navigate change in any industry. This will help mitigate common project challenges, resulting in minimal downtime and meeting the specific needs of the organisation.
In today’s rapidly changing and competitive business environment, the ability to manage complex projects and streamline processes is crucial. Employees are required to demonstrate a high level of flexibility and collaboration in order to make timely decisions.
This program focuses on instilling an agile mindset and essential skills in project managers, enabling them to lead successful transformations within the organisation

Associate Project Manager Career Path

Assistant Project Manager £31,000
Project Manager £46,500
Programme Manager £60,000
Project Director £75,000+
Programme overview
Unit No. Section Title Learning Aim
1 Context In this module, we will introduce group to each other, and introduce Standard, Gateway, EPA and digital tools
We will then begin building knowledge and understanding of the different contexts in which projects can be delivered, including health, safety, and environment management; the interdependencies between project(s), programme(s) and portfolio management; project phases and key review points, across project life cycles.
2 Leadership, drive for results, collaboration and team work In this module, we will explore leadership styles and qualities, and the importance of motivation on team performance. We will discuss how to build an effective team, and explore the characteristics and benefits of effective teams and teamwork.
3 Stakeholder and communication management In this module, we will build understanding of stakeholder management, and key skills and tools to engage key stakeholders, considering their perspectives, different interests and levels of influence upon project outcomes. We will also explore how to work effectively with and influence others, taking account of diversity and equality, to influence and facilitate effective team performance.
4 Business Case and Benefits In this module, we will build an understanding of preparation and maintenance of business cases, including benefits management.
5 Scope Management In this module we will explore requirements management to establish project scope, and discuss change control, baseline change management and configuration management.
6 Consolidated Planning In this module, we will be exploring the purpose and formats for consolidated plans to support overall project management, and discuss the significance of the project management plan (PMP).
7 Schedule Management In this module, we will be exploring schedule management for project activities including progress monitoring and metrics to assess work performed against the schedule.
8 Budgeting and cost control In this module, we will be exploring funding, estimating, overheads; direct costs, indirect costs, fixed costs, variable costs and an overall budget for a project. We will explore tracking systems for actual costs, accruals and committed costs, and alternative cost breakdowns to provide graphical representations of project performance.
9 Risk and Issue Management In this module, we will be exploring the need for and implementation of a risk management plan, looking at risk management methods and techniques to identify and prioritise threats or opportunities.
10 Contract Management and Procurement In this module we will discuss the nature of contracts and their implications for contracting organisations, explore procurement processes, considering legal and ethical means for managing contracts.
11 Quality Management In this module we will explore quality management processes and quality assurance, and define metrics for processes and quality standards within a quality management plan.
12 Resource Management In this module we will explore resource management methods used to analyse and allocate project resource, and evaluation of schedule and resource to revise activities to improve confidence in delivery.
13 Governance In this module, we will be discussing different types of organisational structures and responsibilities, functions and project phases on different types of project. We will consider how governance can control and manage the successful delivery of projects.
14 Collaboration and Teamwork Understand and be effective in your role as a part of an integrated team.
15 Communication Work effectively with and influence other people, considering of equality, diversity and inclusion.
16 Drive for Results Demonstrate a clear commitment of achieving results and improving performance.
17 Integrity, ethics, compliance and professionalism Promote and model the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and trust.