Enhanced Traineeships for Employers

We understand that this is an uncertain and challenging time for many organisations. We want to work with you to create some stability and give you additional support to help you get back on your feet.

At this time of year, there are many young people leaving school and college who are ideal candidates for apprenticeships, but we understand that taking on an apprentice might not even be on your radar right now.

To make sure you don’t miss on out this crucial recruitment window, and the opportunity to recruit the best apprentices in West Berkshire we have developed an innovative new way of working – the Enhanced Traineeship.

What is an Enhanced Traineeship?

Our Enhanced Traineeship is a new way of working. It’s a programme that will bridge the gap between young people finishing school or college and the time when you feel confident that you will be able to take on an apprentice.

How will it work?

Learners will apply now for your apprenticeship vacancy (as they normally would). We will interview them and if they are successful you will offer them an apprenticeship with a view to starting at some point between November and January. In the meantime, the leaner will start a traineeship. They will spend one/two days a week onsite with you (when this is possible) and one day at WBTC’s training centre in Newbury.  During the traineeship, the learner will be a valuable asset to your organisation as they start they learn and develop the skills you need. They will also be able to take on any smaller tasks that will support you as you ‘restart’ your work.

What are the benefits?

  • Get support when you need it
  • Not an additional staff cost (during traineeship)
  • Don’t miss out on the recruitment window
  • Support young people’s future
  • Get stability and certainty in an uncertain time
  • Business consultancy if needed

Ready to find out more?

Employer Enhanced Traineeship

If you have any questions or would like to discuss setting up an Enhanced Traineeship vacancy, please complete form below.

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