Boost your workforce with an apprentice

How does it work?

How is the programme delivered?

Employer-led ‘Trailblazers’ develop each Apprenticeship standard, ensuring alignment with business needs.

Available to individuals 16 and over, these programs range from entry-level to senior positions, offering a blend of real work experience and training. Combining face-to-face and virtual training, alongside workplace learning, apprenticeships cultivate well-rounded employees with practical skills and occupational expertise.

Each apprenticeship is reinforced with online resources and learning in the workplace known as “off-the-job training”.

A blended learning approach means apprentices receive a well-rounded programme providing businesses with a well-rounded employee that has developed occupational experience, job competency and the right behaviours to be successful.

How is the programme funded?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency set out rules that training providers and employers must follow. The rules ensure that training quality is consistent, approach standardised and that apprentices’ are treated fairly. The rules set out key factors that make an apprenticeship, including pay, eligibility and training requirements, more details can be found here.

In England apprenticeships are paid for through the Apprenticeship Levy or for smaller employers via co-funding.

Co-funding requires employers to pay 5% of the total funding value with the government contributing 95%, for instance a programme with a value of £6,000 would require the employer to pay £300.

Apprenticeships in some circumstances are fully funded, in employers who have less than 50 employees and their apprentice will be between 16 & 18 at the start of the programme then no contribution is required with the government covering the entire cost.

Any employer hiring an apprentice aged between 16 & 18 will also receive a payment of £1,000 to help with the cost of hiring a young apprentice.

All of our apprenticeships have access to additional added value workshops, which you can read more about here.

Current Apprenticeship Programmes

Team Leader L3

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L3 Business Administrator

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L4 Associate Project Manager

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L2 Customer Service

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L3 Customer Service Specialist

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L3 Teaching Assistant

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L4 Learning and Skills Mentor

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L5 Coaching Professional

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We also deliver a wide range of additional apprenticeships, such as :

Level 3 Pipe Welder

Level 3 IT Solutions Technician

Level 3 Information Communications Technician

Level 3 Digital Support Technician

Level 4 Cyber Security Cyber Security Technologist

Level 3 MOET

Level 2 & 3 Early Years Practitioner

Level 2 and 3 Furniture Manufacturer

Level 3 Multi-Channel Marketer

Level 3 Engineering Fitter

Level 3 Engineering Technician

Level 3 Design and Draughtsperson