Award Categories


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Open to all WBTC Apprentices who have completed an Apprenticeship since April 2019.
Judges are looking for evidence of Apprentices who have submitted a very high standard of work. Strong nominations would evidence excellent feedback from the employer and colleagues as well as the training provider. The successful Apprentice will have gone beyond the normal standard expected and made a positive impact in their organisation. Nominations could contain examples of Apprentices who have demonstrated initiative, drive, good social skills and communication skills. Nominations should articulate how the nominee has progressed during or after their Apprenticeship, for example enrolling on a higher form of study, gaining promotion or supporting other Apprentices.

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Open to all WBTC Apprentices aged over 19 years who have completed an Apprenticeship since April 2019.
Judges are looking for evidence of how the adult learner has applied their new skills to secure employment or advance their career. Nominations should describe what motivates the nominee in learning and how they have developed in their career as a result of their learning experience. Adult learners may have used their experience to secure a new job or they may have wanted to increase their skills and knowledge within an existing role. Examples of adult learners who have returned to learning or faced obstacles to learning are especially welcome.

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Open to learners on our Great Start and Traineeship programmes.
The WBTC Great Start Programme is for learners who are not yet ready for an apprenticeship. They work towards individualised programmes to further develop employability skills, Maths and English. The aim of this programme is to get them into work experience and with an end goal of becoming an apprentice.

Judges are looking for good attendance, a high level of quality in class work and an excellent attitude. Judges are also seeking evidence of the learner overcoming obstacles and extending their learning for example achieving high standards in English and mathematics. Feedback from employers who provide work experience will be particularly welcome in assessing entries. Nominations may articulate how the nominee has used their learning programme to secure progression in life or work (for example, moving on to an Apprenticeship or college course).

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Open to supervisors, managers and mentors of Apprentices and/or work experience learners.
Judges are looking for evidence of workplace mentors who have expertly supported an Apprentice or someone on work experience. There should be evidence of exceptional support given to their Apprentice or learner both in terms of on-the-job skills and their off-the-job qualifications. Nominations should contain evidence of good coaching skills or pastoral support that has added value to the experience of the Apprentice or learner. Nominations could contain evidence of a mentor who’s behaviour and attitude make them a role model for other professionals.


For 2020 we have 4 categories open for nominations. In all cases, judges will be looking for a commitment to providing work and employment opportunities, a strong culture of learning, evidence of exceptional support for their learners and role model qualities among supervisors and managers.

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