Work Experience at WBTC

Leon hard at work on WBTC reception

Mary Hare year 12 student Leon Du Plessis has been here at WBTC for a week on work experience.

“I have met some of the staff and seen all the different jobs they do around the company; for instance, I spent some time with the Finance Director, Barry, and found it very interesting to see where the money goes. He also gave me some information about where the money comes from, places such as the Skills Funding Agency. I spent some time on the reception and was really amazed by how busy it was, and how the receptionists managed to do several different things at once!

“I also spent some time helping take staff photos for the internet, updating spreadsheets, helping with the filing and photocopying – there is a lot to do in a busy office environment!

“Work experience is very important so that we can see how businesses work. I have not really made up my mind yet whether I want a career in finance, marketing, teaching, or something completely different, so this has helped me to understand what options there are.”

If you would like to talk to us about what work experience West Berkshire Training Consortium offers, please do give us a call on 01635 35975.