Why work with WBTC?

We believe that price is just one component of value and in reality we prefer to work with employers looking for a quality Apprenticeship service. Quality apprenticeships yield a greater return on investment and at the same time are an enjoyable experience for the employer and learners too. 

We have a well-established electronic portfolio which is user friendly, especially for older/more experienced learners. We also have an extensive range of workshops for Apprentices that include sessions outside of their core programme to add further development. Learners and mentors can attend all enrichment activities free of charge and we have our high profile graduation and Rising Stars Awards each year.

Three good reasons why WBTC make a better quality Apprentice provider

Our apprentice achievement rates are more than 10% higher than the national average. Put simply, more of our Apprentices successfully complete their programme than with other colleges and providers. These figures are verified and published by the government.

70% of all WBTC Apprentices either secure promotion, additional responsibility or go to higher learning as a result of their study with WBTC. This was verified and confirmed by Ofsted.

We also organise a number of workshops each year for our Apprentices, their mentors and employers. Recent workshops have included:

  • Stress Management
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Business Communication Skills

We also run mentoring workshops for all employers to help them understand their responsibilities, improve their coaching skills and strengthen their capabilities and confidence.

WBTC organises an annual graduation ceremony and prize-giving event. Here we celebrate the achievements of our graduating learners as they receive their certificates of qualification and we recognise the individual successes of both learners, mentors as well as the invaluable contribution employers themselves make with the presentation our coveted 'Rising Stars' awards.

We’re lucky to count among our customers some of the best known and established local, regional and national employers. They subscribe to our charitable values that Apprenticeships should be high quality, enriching and add value. We’re always excited to work with new and returning employers, welcoming them to our consortium and partnering them in our exciting and inclusive Apprenticeship family.