WBTC Success Story - From Order Picking to IT Apprentice!


WBTC learner Jordan Bumpass, 19, left Fitzharris School in Abingdon with some Cs and Ds at GCSE. “I was on a special course where I only went to school 2 days a week, and worked 2 days a week, so I didn’t get the grades I ideally would have wanted,” he told us. “I went on to get a job order picking in Sainsburys, which is great for many people, but the early morning shifts were interfering with my family life and I wanted a more fulfilling role that would lead to a career. This was difficult without the right qualifications!

“I learnt about WBTC and the opportunities they could offer young people through Connexions (now known as Adviza). After speaking to one of their advisers, I enrolled on an IT course there. It was very hard work; I would do a 5am – 9am shift at Sainsburys and then go straight to class, but I was determined to make the most of it, and was thrilled when I was offered an Apprentice Hardware Engineer role at GB Labs.

“I am learning so many new things; at the moment, my main job is to build space units and load up the software, but I am hoping to progress towards a management position one day! The course at WBTC and my subsequent apprenticeship have certainly opened more doors for me. Dave was the course tutor and is now my assessor, and he was brilliant! He is a good laugh, and very down to earth.”

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