Video Case Studies

Meet two of our employers and their young employees. See how WBTC are helping them all benefit from the range of services, programmes and support we offer.

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Alicia Huntley
Nursery Assistant
Abacus Day Nursery

Alicia wanted to work in child-care so she joined our Great Start programme and did work experience with Abacus Nursery looking after children aged between 1 to 2 years. 

She got real work experience, gained confidence and saw for herself just how demanding, yet fun, a career in child-care can be. She is now employed as a full time Nursey Assistant.


Bradley Shaw
Trainee Sports Coach
Park House School

Work experience helped Bradley really understand his potential and has made him more valuable to potential employers. 

During his Traineeship period with Park House School he's learnt teamwork and leadership skills, gained experience, taken part in courses funded by WBTC and had a great learning experience that will help him move his career forwards.