Staying safe with WBTC

WBTC is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of young people up to the age of 18 and for vulnerable adults aged 19-24 who are enrolled on any of our programmes. Safety and well being or ‘safeguarding’ covers a number of important topics such as: 

  • General well being i.e. healthy lifestyle
  • Health & Safety
  • Protection from harassment/bullying
  • Freedom from abuse
  • Help and support when you have a Safeguarding issue

Our support covers all organised and supervised activity including time at WBTC for learning, any work place activity such as an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or Work Experience and other off-site activities such as trips or visits.

Supporting your knowledge
One part of our Safeguarding approach is to help you understand what it means to be safe and well and what you can do to help yourself. We run a dedicated course on Safeguarding to promote healthy lifestyles and raise your awareness on topics such as health eating, substance misuse, how the law protects you, signs and types of abuse etc. During your programme you will have an opportunity to regularly revisit your knowledge and understanding of Safeguarding
Access to advice and guidance
WBTC will always have at least three qualified Safeguarding Officers who can provide you with advice, guidance and support should you wish to talk about something that is bothering you. Photos and contact details of Safeguarding Officers are visibly displayed in the training centre. You might want to talk about an issue affecting you directly or someone that you know and WBTC will do its best to either resolve an issue or obtain the help of dedicated professionals such as social services.
Challenging bad behaviour and abuse
WBTC staff will always challenge any behaviour that undermines the safety and wellbeing of others. Abuse of any kind is not tolerated and we will immediately intervene where there is evidence of harassment or bullying. All staff and learners at WBTC should feel empowered to challenge unacceptable behaviour or turn to one of the Safeguarding Officers if they have seen or heard examples of unacceptable behaviour.

If anyone has any concerns regarding the well-being of any of our learners, then please contact one of our Safeguarding Team members by asking at Reception, call us on 01635 35975 (or dial extension 212) or email Natalie Elliott,

Natalie Elliott
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Martyn Staines
Deputy Safeguarding Officer


Nikki Boyd
Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Tony Garraway
Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Matt Garvey
Overall responsibility for Safeguarding