Next Recruitment Day at WBTC - Tuesday 26 June 2012



It is no surprise that young people are anxious about their futures; with reports of over a million 16 – 24 year olds out of work, some may feel that there are fewer options than ever.

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities at WBTC for enthusiastic, motivated young people who would like an Apprenticeship. We work with a wide range of great employers who are keen to offer hard workers a start in their career. Our latest recruitment day on 29 May was a huge success, with around 30 16-18 year olds coming along to meet with our advisors. 

Durran Heslop of our Business Development Team told us about the day.

What kind of young person came along to the open day?

We saw many keen and motivated young people eager to start their Apprenticeships. Not everyone came along with a clear idea of what they wanted to do, but we are able to provide guidance and advice.

After coming along to our open day, what is the next step?

We evaluate each candidate based on their strengths and abilities, and then we look to match them up with the most suitable Apprenticeships. We work very closely with a pool of local employers to ensure that we place the right Apprentice in the right working environment.

How much can an Apprentice expect to earn?

The money that an apprentice can expect to earn is determined by their employer, but the compensations are not just financial. By taking an Apprenticeship, the employee is investing in their own future.

How do employers benefit from taking on Apprentices?

Studies have shown that Apprentices increase productivity and provide a substantial return on investment, plus, at WBTC, we are always on hand to give employers advice on grants and funding.

We have over 30 vacancies to fill this Summer, ranging from Hairdressing to Childcare, from Business Admin to Engineering. We are always happy to give advice and support, so please give us a call on 01635 35975 to book a slot for our next recruitment day on Tuesday 26 June.