NAS Guidelines to Apprenticeship Quality

There were nearly half a million new Apprenticeship starts in 2010/11, and more and more learners and employers are realising how the significant advantages of Apprenticeships can help them. The National Apprenticeship Service quality statement, published in May 2012, sets out the expectations for Apprenticeship standards, also aiming to inform best practice for employers and providers in the design and delivery of Apprenticeships.

David Way, Chief Executive of the National Apprenticeship Service says, “We are committed to working with employers, the sector, and our partners to make sure that every Apprenticeship offers a great experience.”

Firstly, the statement clearly defines an Apprenticeship:


“… a job with an accompanying skills development programme designed by employers in the sector. It allows the apprentice to gain technical knowledge and real practical experience, along with functional and personal skills, required for their immediate job and future career. These are acquired through a mix of learning in the workplace, formal off the job training and the opportunity to practice and embed new skills in a real work context. This broader mix differentiates the Apprenticeship experience from training delivered to meet narrowly focused job needs. On completion of the Apprenticeship the apprentice must be able to undertake the full range of duties, in the range of circumstances appropriate to the job, confidently and competently to the standard set by the industry.”

The Statement also sets out requirements for a high quality delivery model, including:

  • equipping individuals with the new skills and learning they need for their job roles and future employment and progression
  • an apprentice must be employed in a job role with a productive purpose, ideally with a range of experience and additional enhancement opportunities that can aid their future progression

This is essential reading for anyone who employs Apprentices or provides training, and can be found here:

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