Important Changes to the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers - AGE


Changes to the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers - AGE

Following feedback from WBTC and other training providers, the Government has made improved changes to the criteria for the grants that employers can access when employing Apprentices.

The important changes are:

  • An employer will be eligible for AGE if they have not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months, rather than the previous  3-year period.
  • A single employer can now claim up to 10 grants, up from the current limit of three. This equates to a possible £15,000 of extra funds for your company to invest wherever they want.
  • The scheme will now be extended to mid-sized businesses with up to 1000 employees.
  • Previously, the grant was paid in two instalments of £750 at weeks 8 and 52 of the Apprenticeship, but now the full amount of £1500 will be payable to the employer 13 weeks after the apprentice starts.

WBTC Managing Director Matt Garvey said “Its been made easier for more employers to benefit from this £1500 grant and at WBTC we help by taking care of paperwork. The grant can pay for Apprentices’ tools, equipment, wages or just make life easier for the employer. I hope that this will encourage more employers to explore the benefits of Apprenticeships and see the results that keen young people can have on their business.”

If you would like more information about the AGE grants, or any advice in general about Apprenticeships and how they can enrich your business, please Durran or Rachel on 01635 35975 or visit our website, durran@wbtc-uk.comand