Help for young people applying for Apprenticeships

The perceived value and popularity of Apprenticeships has never been higher; many young people see them as a great stepping stone to a lifelong career and as a viable alternative to a costly University degree. However, there are plenty of really bright candidates who may, for one reason or another, need a helping hand when applying for an Apprenticeship. With this in mind, training providers, colleges and charities have teamed up with employers to increase the quality and success rate of applications for apprenticeship vacancies made by young people who might have otherwise struggled to get an Apprenticeship.

Graham Hoyle, chief executive of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), said:

 “In the current ultra-competitive youth employment market, Apprenticeships are seen as a valuable commodity by both young people and employers alike, yet often the application process itself can be the major stumbling block. The new support is offering innovative ways of addressing this common pitfall to ensure that more young people can develop their vocational talents in Apprenticeship-based employment.”

17,000 young people are expected to receive help under the Apprenticeship Application Support Fund, with £700,000 worth of funding being distributed to an initial 16 providers. Many of those applicants receiving help will have previously been unsuccessful in applying for apprenticeships through the Apprenticeship vacancies online system; they may have learning difficulties or disabilities; they may be socially disadvantaged, ie, living in supporting accommodation, or they may be from under-represented groups.

David Way, chief executive, National Apprenticeship Service said:

“These successful bidders will bring fresh energy and creativity to help young people prepare their application; and impress potential employers. We look forward to thousands of young people benefiting from this new initiative, helping to put them on the road to success.”

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