Hedgehog Bottom

Hedgehogs are fast disappearing from the British countryside, in fact, they are becoming extinct at a faster rate than tigers! From over 35 million hedgehogs 60 years ago, there are now less than a million in the UK, which means that the work of charities such as Hedgehog Bottom Rescue in Thatcham is more important than ever.

WBTC is really keen to help other local charities by providing enthusiastic work experience candidates from our employability programs; volunteers are essential for these charities to carry on their excellent work, but also, our candidates gain valuable experience that they can put on their CV.

"I love working with the hedgehogs,” says WBTC learner Amanda Buckell. “They are really cute creatures but usually come into hedgehog bottom when they are very ill. Some of them may have been attacked by dogs or cats, they might have mange or ringworm, or they might just be too small to survive the Winter. Hedgehogs also make themselves comfortable in compost heaps or hedges, and get injured when disturbed; we will look after them and release them back into the wild once they are better.”

“It is great that WBTC have helped set up this placement for me – it looks good on my CV, and I get to help a local charity.”

“Amanda is a star!” says owner Gill. “She works very hard and is a great benefit.”

If you are interested in offering work experience to one of the learners at West Berkshire Training Consortium, please do give us a call on 01635 35975.

More information about Hedgehog Bottom Rescue can be found at www.hedgehog-rescue.org.uk